Facelift by Acupressure V2

Facelift by Acupressure

This valuable book was created by a European professional acupuncturist, living in SE-Asia for more than 38 years, with 30 years of experience in practising and teaching TCM. With ‘Facelift by Acupressure’, Ina Niemann is combining Eastern philosophies with an hands-on, easy-to-learn and simple-to-apply technique to rejuvenate your skin. Every ‘Facelift by Acupressure’ point is clearly illustrated, including the effect on the whole body as well as on the skin. Sagging features, lines. wrinkles, eye bags or lacklustre skin - thanks to the ‘Facelift by Acupressure’, these will soon be a thing of the past - with only 8 minutes a day!

Even though the skin is our largest organ – about 2 square meter – the part on our face accounts for four and a half percent only. Yet it attracts more attention, generates more concern and feeds more commercial enterprises than any other part of the body. We obviously find it difficult to accept the marks of time gracefully because they affect the way we present ourselves to the world.
Throughout the ages, women have been preoccupied with the attempt to halt or at least slow down the signs of ageing – with limited success only. Furthermore, our perception of age is changing continuously. Instead of being associated with seniority, experience and wisdom, old age has become something to be shunned and no effort is spared to keep our face looking young and wrinkle free.
Yet, ageing is a natural, slow and irreversible process of evolution which cannot be stopped. Nevertheless, women – and increasingly men – are flocking to beauticians, chemists and clinics in search of quick fix cures in order to turn back the clock. Pharmacists and plastic surgeons have become the new gurus to whom people entrust their most exposed and most fragile organ - the skin on their face.
The conventional approach to anti ageing has always been a symptomatic one, focusing solely on the visible symptoms like
wrinkles, sagging features etc. However, even a surgical facelift provides a temporary solution only (apart from possible serious side effects) requiring later follow-ups or even corrective measures.
Natural Medicine has no cure for ageing either. However, it is able to offer a gentle long-term approach to tired skin, fine lines and even deep wrinkles. As it takes into account our general constitution as well as the present state of health, it offers us the chance to become actively involved in managing our health and subtly but profoundly changing the way we look.
The techniques explained in this manual will provide you with an easy to learn tool that can be learned in minutes and applied immediately.
Have fun and success in taking care of your-self in an effective and easy – yet rewarding – way!

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